Animated series generates diabetes awareness

KAT Communications  Story Published: Dec 4, 2009

O’siyo. Many Native communities are taking charge of their lives and of their health. The following explains how using an animated  TV series can bring awareness to Native people about important health issues.


“American Indian culture is seeped in traditions stemming from long ago, including the myths. While some stories were created for pure entertainment, many were based on truth, and were used to explain some aspect of life, or to instill a moral.

Today, people have created a way to mix the humor of a mythical character with serious life-saving information.

An animated series entitled “Iktomi”, who according to Indian myth was a trickster always doing naughty things to

Iktomi story, KAT Communications.

others, discovers that he now has diabetes, and struggles with the notion that in order to get better, he must “behave” himself and take better care of his health.

The great news is that many American Indians, and hopefully other people, watching the series learn valuable information about caring for their physical, mental and emotional health.

The story-learning proper foot care By KAT Communication

The groups taking part in producing the series and in educating people are KAT Communications together with Standing Rock Diabetes, and  The Aberdeen Area Indian Health Service. GoodHealth TV is a network that features health education issues, and resources that help people with maintaining overall good health in many areas. The article provides information on where to go to learn more about the program and to enjoy Iktomi, and his antics.

This is an ingenious way of reaching people who need what may well be life-saving information!

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