At The Navajo Code Talker Ceremony Trump Demonstrates A Higher Level of Stupid!

On Monday, Trump hosted three Navajo Code Talkers at the White House, troops who used a secret, unbreakable code language to send vital information during World War II. The afternoon should have remained focused on the veterans, their sacrifice and bravery, but it instead became yet another quintessentially nasty Trump moment when, amid some rambling commemorative speech, he went off script and threw an elbow at Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.” S.Moya-Smith, CNN

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Excerpt: Trump’s disrespect for Native Americans is nothing new- By Simon Moya-Smith, CNN

“And here’s another thing: Even if Trump hadn’t used Native Americans as fodder to attack Warren, if he hadn’t used the name of Pocahontas as a slur, the day still would’ve been a hostile display of arrogance and ignorance. In a video of the occasion, you can see him standing just below a painting of President Andrew Jackson, the architect of the Trail of Tears, when 17,000 Native Americans were forced to march from their ancestral homeland in Georgia through freezing temperatures and snow all the way to Oklahoma during the 1830s.

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But I still wonder if Trump, who stood beneath the portrait of an Indian killer, made a faux pas prompted by naiveté. Or was this intentional? I wouldn’t put it past him.

The President has a long record of attacking Native Americans… He pushed through the Dakota Access Pipeline, which violates the Native American land and threatens indigenous lives and water. And while that pipeline was already leaking like a garden hose with bullet holes, he resurrected the Keystone XL Pipeline, which again is in direct violation of our sovereign treaty rights. That pipeline, too, has also gushed, seriously impacting Indian country.

Navajo code Talkers. CNN

But what does he care? He doesn’t. That’s the point. No, he doesn’t care about Native Americans. Not me. Not you — unless you’re a billionaire reading this screed, in which case he probably cares a lot about you.

During World War I, Choctaw Telephone Squad consisted of 19 tribal members.

Trump is no Andrew Jackson, but one thing they do have in common is a complete lack of respect for Native Americans. That is incontrovertible. And there’s no sign Trump will cease his anti-Native American tantrums anytime soon.

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