Beautiful Earrings To Aid Indian Cancer Foundation

O’siyo.  Navajo, Hopi, Santa Clara Pueblo artist Maria Bird, of  Mea B’flly Designs, has created the first limited edition Powwow for Hope earring entitled Braver.  The profits from this edition will go towards helping the American Indian Cancer Foundation. The artist uses a mix of bold colors and Native culture to create unique earrings.  Maria’s earrings go beyond beauty and serve a much deeper purpose.

Braver: Telling the story about the cancer experience in Indian country.

Excerpt Powwow for Hope Benefit Earring American Indian Cancer Foundation Native News Staff

“The American Indian Cancer Foundation has partnered with artist Maria Bird, of Mea B’flly Designs, to create the first limited edition Powwow for Hope earring. 

The benefit earring, titled “Braver,” launched for viewing at the National Reservation Economic Summit in Las Vegas last month and is now available for purchase online for $30 at the Mea B’fly Designs Etsy shop.

MaRia Bird (Mea B'Fly) and Andrea Preston (DreLynn Design). Photo- Beyond Buckskin.

MaRia Bird (Mea B’Fly) and Andrea Preston (DreLynn Design). Photo- Beyond Buckskin.

Simple Luv.

Simple Luv.

Simple Luv.


Sakura Mano (Cherry Blossom Girl).

“I hoped to capture, with all the ranges of color, that cancer affects everyone’s inner light in so many ways immediately you are full of anger and demanding understanding then it moves to calm notes of prayer for strength and giving thanks for each day given further more. 

Ride Hard or Die Tryin.

The floral designs are in the two top and bottom placements because Love comes from above and below during difficult times. 

Walk With Me.

Above could mean those looking down upon us to our mothers and grandmothers and below meaning our children and those who are unfortunately just finding out they have cancer.

Traditional Nites.

Flowers speak in a gentle but strong manner. It is also iconic that we come from the earth and will return to it again.”

You can find more information or support the cancer cause in Indian country by purchasing BRAVER online at the Mea B’fly Designs Etsy shop.

Note: Maria’s additional earring designs shown here can be found at Beyond Buckskin.

Kudos to Maria Bird and Mea B’fly Designs, the American Indian Cancer Foundation, and everyone who supports this worthy cause.

American Indian Cancer Foundation.

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