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2018: Native Nations Will Have Stronger Voting Power!

“[San Juan County, Utah] In this county of desert and sagebrush, Wilfred Jones has spent a lifetime angered by what his people are missing. Running water, for one. Electricity, for another. But worst of all, in his view, is that the Navajo people here lack adequate political representation. So Mr. Jones sued, and in late December, after a federal judge ruled that San Juan County’s longtime practice of packing Navajo voters into one voting district violated the United States Constitution, the county was ordered to draw new district lines for local elections.” J. Turkewitz, The New York Times

BMH and UNHS Board member Wilfred Jones in front of Hogan at Blue Mountain Hospital.

Excerpt: For Native Americans, a ‘Historic Moment’ on the Path to Power at the Ballot Box, By Julie Turkewitz, The New York Times

“The move could allow Navajo people to win two of three county commission seats for the first time, overturning more than a century of political domination by white residents. And the shift here is part of an escalating battle over Native American enfranchisement, one that comes amid a larger wave of voting rights movements spreading across the country. ‘It’s a historic moment for us,’ said Mr. Jones, during a drive on the county’s roller coaster dirt roads… The county is challenging the decision, arguing that the maps ordered by Judge Robert J. Shelby unconstitutionally consider race, and so discriminate against white voters.

Top, San Juan County commissioners at a meeting in the north; below, a Navajo meeting in the south.Credit B. Rasmussen for The New York Times

‘In one of the poorest counties in the nation, the last thing we need is to be constantly sued by these predatory attorneys,’ said Phil Lyman, a county commissioner. ‘Outside people try to put this into a racial divide that simply doesn’t exist in San Juan County.’

Top, the San Juan County Wellness Center in the northern part of the county; below, the closed swimming pool in the south. Credit Benjamin Rasmussen for NYT.

Fights over indigenous voting rights are playing out in the West and the Midwest, a trend that has the potential to tip tight races in states with large native populations, like Alaska and Arizona, and to influence matters of national importance, like the future of Bears Ears National Monument, a conservation area in this county that is at the center of a fierce debate over public lands.

Today, Native Americans are suing over a new voter identification law in North Dakota, where lawyers say there is not a single driver’s license site on a reservation in a state that requires identification to vote. The outcome of the lawsuit could influence this year’s congressional election, helping to secure or flip the seat of Senator Heidi Heitkamp, a Democrat with wide Native American support.

In the battleground state of Nevada, the Pyramid Lake and Walker River Paiutes won a lawsuit in late 2016 that charged that tribal citizens had to travel as many as 100 miles to vote. The suit forced officials to open new polling stations in tribal areas and spurred nine other tribes to request their own election sites.

First voting on Paiute reservation. USA Today

And in Alaska, where native people make up a fifth of the population, officials recently rolled out election materials in the Yup’ik, Inupiaq and Gwich’in languages, following federal rulings that found the state had failed to provide materials equivalent to those used by English speakers.

Yup’ik Voters Give Ballot Translation

Voters receive stickers in Yup’ik and English. (Lisa Demer : Alaska)

After those changes, turnout in villages rose by as much as 20 percent, increasing the political power of the state’s native residents.

Other native voting cases are proceeding or have been recently settled in Arizona, Montana, South Dakota and Wyoming.

‘I think there is retribution,’ Mr. Adams said. ‘We’re tired of being the scapegoat, saying we’re doing everything wrong, when we try to abide by the law.”

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Tohono O’odham Tribe Will Reject Border Wall in Arizona!

“Donald Trump’s proposed border wall could face a major obstacle in Arizona, where an indigenous tribe has vowed to oppose construction on its land…The Tohono O’odham Nation, a federally recognized tribe with a reservation that spans 75 miles of the US-Mexico border, announced on Thursday that it does not support the wall and criticized the White House for signing an executive order without consulting the tribe.” S. Levin, The Guardian

Excerpt: ‘Over my dead body’: tribe aims to block Trump’s border wall  on Arizona land, By Sam Levin, The Guardian

Verlon Jose Chairman of the Tohono O’odham Nation

“The Tohono O’odham’s statement calls for a meeting with the president and comes after a tribal vice-chairman declared the government would build the wall ‘over my dead body’. Earlier in his first week in office, Trump also promised to push forward with the the Dakota Access pipeline, which last year attracted an unprecedented gathering of indigenous groups to back the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in its fight against the oil project.

The Tohono O’odham tribe, which has roughly 28,000 members and controls 2.8m acres of a reservation in south-western Arizona, has long struggled with the militarized international border that was drawn through the middle of its traditional lands.

The O’odham people historically inhabited lands that stretched south to Sonora, Mexico, and just north of Phoenix, Arizona, and there are tribe members who still live in Mexico. The tribe today has the second largest Native American land base in the country, and indigenous people say the US Border Patrol has for decades significantly disrupted tribal communities and their day-to-day life.

The tribe has said that Border Patrol agents in the past have detained and deported Tohono O’odham people who were simply traveling through their own traditional lands, practicing migratory traditions essential to their religion, economy and culture.

An effigy of Donald Trump stands on a symbolic wall built by protesters outside the US embassy in Mexico City. Photograph- Edgard Garrido:Reuters

Trump would face numerous legal hurdles if he attempted to build a wall on Tohono O’odham land, which functions under law as an autonomous government…if the government moved to start construction, large demonstrations like Standing Rock could emerge.”

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Natives Need to Ready Themselves for BATTLE!

Hope is a beautiful thing – but this is no time for idle hope. This is no time for simply hoping Donald Trump will suddenly become moderate and responsible and sober and less vicious when he slithers onto the American throne this winter. Don’t be fooled, folks. Trump doesn’t only believe he WON on Tuesday, bullwhipping the Democratic party and Hillary Clinton into whimpering hippies, he also believes he BOUGHT the presidency.” S.Moya-Smith,ICTMN




Excerpt: Small Hands On Deck. Donald Will Be ‘The Donald’ As POTUS By Simon Moya-smith

“The biggest mistake any of us could can make going forward into the bleak unknown would be to think ‘the Donald’ won’t be the racist, fleecing shill and sham he was all along the campaign trail. He’s a snake. And snakes bite, and this fanged f**ker has venom, jack. Watch your ankles. You heard it here.

donald-snake trump

donald-snake trump

Two months, folks. That’s it. Two months before President Barack Obama zips off in a helli’, calling it eight years and a presidency. Two months before the Orange creature lockjaws on your rights and freedoms. Two months of semi-sanity (all has changed now, overnight).

Obama has just a little more than eight weeks to kill the Dakota Access Pipeline and free Leonard Peltier. In the meantime, water protectors mend and ready themselves for the next rabid attack by Morton County Sheriffs – the REAL foaming dogs of Energy Transfer Partners…So it is.



Two months, and then it begins. Round 1 in a four-round bout. It could be an eight rounder. Whose to say? This is, after all, the nation that elected George Dubya two times. Frightened yet?



Awake yet? Well you damn well should be. Either way, put on your gloves.  Spar with friends. Toughen your core. Because there’s no question now – a battle’s coming.”

“I am, awake. I am, ready. How about you?” ~ Simon Moya-Smith~

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Reasons Natives Need To Vote For Hillary Clinton and Democratic Party

“What does a landslide look like? And, more important, what would that mean for Native American candidates? First: Hillary Clinton is peaking at the ideal moment. And, at the same time, Donald Trump’s campaign is imploding. He had a bad week, a poor debate, and he’s out of time to change the conversation.” M. Trahant-ICTMN



Excerpt: A Landslide? That Would Be Great News for Native Americans By Mark Trahant

“But more important than all of that…people on the ground methodically reminding people to vote…According to CNN, working with a data company, Calalist, says more than 3.3 million Americans have already voted. And based on demographic profiles, Democrats are stronger now than they were four years ago in North Carolina, Nevada, Arizona and Utah. Democratic early turnout has stayed steady in North Carolina compared to 2012, while Republicans have dropped by about 14,500.hillary-3

And, in North Dakota, there have been 67,837 requests for ballots and 25,662 people have already voted (including me.) Denise Juneau, Chase Iron Eyes, Marlo Hunte-Beaubrun, Ruth Buffalo, Henry Red Cloud, Tom Cole, Mark Wayne Mullin, Joe Pakootas… are running on the Democratic-NPL ticket. Back to my lede: What would a landslide mean for the Native American candidates?… a presidential landslide could be a factor.” 



“VOTE Like Your Right to vote Depends on it.” ~Anonymous~election-2016


“Our Lives Begin to End The Day We become SILENT about Things that Matter.” ~Martin Luther King Jr.~

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Donald Trump Continues Attack On Natives!

“Republican nominee for President, Donald Trump, has been waging war against American Indian Tribes since 1988, ever since their trust status with the U.S. Government allowed them to own and operate casinos. Except for those he’d probably seen in Hollywood movies, Trump most likely had never even seen a real Indian before and perhaps wasn’t even aware we still existed. But when the Indian Gaming Industry hit the scene in 1989, Trump quickly got educated.” Native Sun News Editorial Board




Excerpt: Donald Trump wages war on the Indian gaming industry Native Sun News Editorial Board

“Casinos were already Trump’s forte, the arena from which he’d been amassing his fortune. He was already heavily involved in the operation of his Atlantic City Casinos, Trump Castle, Trump Plaza and Trump Taj Mahal when Indian Gaming was first introduced. He quickly moved to halt Indian Gaming which he saw as competition to his three Atlantic City casinos, and filed a lawsuit in Federal Court claiming the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988 was unconstitutional and discriminatory. However Trump soon found out that Treaties trump even Trump. He lost his fight when he found out that Indians enjoy a special trust status with the government.


When the lawsuit didn’t work, Trump then tried to influence the House Native American Affairs subcommittee by implying the Indian Gaming Industry was being overrun by organized crime and said it was obvious that the Mafia had infiltrated the industry. He also covertly spent $1 million in advertising trying to portray members of the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe in upstate New York as cocaine traffickers and career criminals. He then tried to collapse the industry through a burdensome tax increase of 34 percent imposed on tribes and their casinos.



When all of that didn’t work he switched to the tactics we’ve all become so familiar with watching him in action during the 2016 presidential race, belittling his opponents and hitting below the belt. He tried to partner with the Seminole Indians of Florida but was shot down by his old opponent, Jeb Bush. As is his usual response when criticized, fire back, he said of Bush when he wouldn’t negotiate the deal, It’s obvious that those so-called Indians have done a major number on his head.


The next step he took could be disastrous for the Indian Gaming Industry, his run for the Presidency of the United States. If he wins, according to the New York Times he would be responsible for appointing the leadership of the National Indian Gaming Commission and the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the two agencies with control over gaming compacts, land-into-trust applications and other regulations.”

“Indian Country needs to be aware of Trump and his tactics and vote accordingly.” ~Native Sun News Editorial Board~

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ND, SD Native Tribal Leaders Endorse Hillary Clinton for President!

“Native American Tribal Leaders from across North Dakota and South Dakota endorsed Hillary Clinton for President, Wednesday. They cited her years of experience of leading the United States and her focus on the Native American community as part of their reasons behind endorsing Hillary. As president, Secretary Clinton will be a strong voice for Indian Country.” ABC News, KSFY

MHA Tribal Chairman Mark N. Fox at rally for Hillary Clinton.

MHA Tribal Chairman Mark N. Fox at rally for Hillary Clinton.

“Hillary Clinton represents positive opportunity for continued economic and social development in Indian Country, Chairman Mark Fox of MHA Nation said.

Beautiful poster designed by Lynn Hart Yankton Sioux member. 2016

Beautiful poster designed by Lynn Hart Yankton Sioux member. 2016

She has a proven track record in supporting legislation and initiatives that benefit indigenous nations throughout the United States. Her leadership has demonstrated a willingness to work with all minorities and people of color. She strives to combat the racism and inequality that have plagued our country for far too long. In simplest terms, Hillary Clinton supports Native America!” 

Native Americans vote for Hillary in Gallup NM

Native Americans vote for Hillary in Gallup NM


*Attention* McKinley County Voters!

New Mexico goes to the polls on Tuesday June 7, 2016.

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30 Native Leaders Stand With Clinton — J. Keeler, ICTMN

Hillary was honored by the Puyallup Tribe with two powerful gifts- A blanket and a Lushootseed Indian name.

Hillary was honored by the Puyallup Tribe with two powerful gifts- A blanket and a Lushootseed Indian name.

“The first woman president of the United States, Hillary Clinton, is the first choice for progression, not regression, of the American dream for ALL!”~ Mark Fox of MHA Nation~



“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. His hands can’t hit what his eyes can’t see.”Flowers

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