Diné Businessman Opens Paleta Bar Store in Mesa

“A coconut ice pop fully dipped in milk chocolate, topped with M&Ms and chunks of bananas, or a coffee ice pop dipped with powdered chili and chamoy, topped with Cocoa pebbles and chunks of watermelon. Delicious, right? They’re paletas, or eye-catching Mexican popsicles.” K. Allen, Navajo Times, Jan 21 2022

Courtesy photo | Franklin Yazzie Different flavors of paleta, or Mexican popsicles, are on showcase inside a Paleta Bar. The paletas can be dipped into other flavors and coated with toppings such as M&Ms and Oreos.

Excerpt: A taste of home: Diné entrepreneur set to open Paleta Bar store in Mesa, By Krista Allen, Navajo Times, Jan 21 2022

“And a store where people can buy these popsicles is opening Saturday in Mesa, Arizona (1917 S. Signal Butte Rd.).

At The Paleta Bar, Diné entrepreneur Franklin Yazzie said, it’s the customer’s choice. And there are many choices, each described as gourmet, fresh and made-to-order.

Courtesy photo | Franklin Yazzie Fresh fruits cubed and ready for toppings are seen under a showcase. Different flavors of paleta, or Mexican popsicles, can be dipped into other flavors and topped with chunks of fruits like watermelon and strawberries.

‘The Paleta Bar brand originated out of Albuquerque,’ explained Yazzie, 24, who’s a co-owner. ‘We recently started expanding into other states.’

Yazzie, who’s Bitáá’chii’nii, is originally from Naat’áanii Nééz-Tsé Bit’a’í. He’s a Navajo Prep alumnus.

Yazzie said after graduating from high school in 2015, he enrolled at Central New Mexico Community College in Albuquerque.

When he decided that he didn’t have academic strength to finish college, he dropped out to take an entrepreneurial route because he knew he could operate a business instead…The Paleta Bar serves all kinds of paletas, said Yazzie. They’re frozen dessert, but visitors on Saturday might be able to warm up these unique paletas.”


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