Early Christmas Gift for Zuni Pueblo!

“The Zuni Pueblo said it has been awarded $5 million as part of a federal grant for tribal-designated housing entities across the United States.” ICT

Excerpt: Zuni Pueblo gets $5 million grant to construct housing, ICT

Zuni Housing Director Mike Chavez told The Gallup Independent last week that the tribe is in dire need of housing and that the grant will help. He says if the tribe had 900 homes available right now, it could fill all of them. He was at a housing-related legal symposium in Las Vegas when he learned about the award.

Hand-painted Zuni Pottery from Misson Del rey

Chavez said it is the first time Zuni Pueblo has been awarded funds for housing through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Competitive Indian Housing Block Grant.


Agate House at night-by Melany Sarafis


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