Equinox: The First Native Super Heroine!

O’siyo. On April 23, 2014, DC Comics will introduce their first Native female superheroine. Equinox, (her real name is Miiyahbin)  is a  sixteen-year-old member of the Cree Nation, whose super powers are attached to the seasons. Created by Ontario writer Jeff Lemire, the character Equinox was inspired by a real Cree heroine, 15-year-old Shannen Koostachin. Shannen organized her fellow students to lobby the government for a new school in her community. Unfortunately Shannen passed away in 2010 in a car accident.

Native Superhero Equinox. Photo- Jeff Lemire. DC Comics.

Native Superhero Equinox. Photo- Jeff Lemire. DC Comics.

Equinox, new Cree teen superhero, joins DC Comics lineup. CBCNews


“Metropolis’s Superman and Gotham City’s Batman are getting a brand-new colleague from Canada this spring: a teenage Cree superhero hailing from Moose Factory, Ont. The isolated James Bay communities of Moose Factory and Moosonee take the spotlight in the forthcoming Justice League Canada, a five-issue story arc written by comic artist Jeff Lemire for the comic series Justice League United. The stories, featuring artwork by Mike McKone, debut in April. After earning widespread acclaim for his Essex County graphic novel trilogy — based on his rural upbringing in southwestern Ontario — Lemire and his poignant storytelling style piqued the attention of comic giant DC Entertainment.

You need very distinct voices for personalities on the team or else you just start writing the same character in a different costume. Multiple research trips north proved illuminating and rewarding for Lemire. He spent time in grade school classrooms…Moose Factory musician and comic fan Nathan Cheechoo, for instance, advised Lemire to take away all that stereotypical imagery and get down to basic principles in his depictions. I don’t walk around with beads and fringe and feathers and a loincloth. And that was something I wanted to bring to Jeff, he said. We want our stories shared, and if this is another way to share it, then I think mission accomplished, added Cheechoo, who said his own children are now reading comic books, too.

New DC Comics superhero inspired by young Cree activist

 Shannen Koostachin organized students to lobby the government to replace temporary buildings with a new school in her community. Columbia University.

Beautiful Shannen Koostachin organized students to lobby the government to replace temporary buildings with a new school in her community. Columbia University.

Jeff Lemire says Shannen Koostachin — a young Cree activist from Attawapiskat — helped inspire him. Lemire said the 15-year-old, who led fellow students to Parliament Hill to lobby for a proper school, isn’t far from his thoughts in drawing up the new superhero.

“I think if I can capture some of that heart and some of that essence in this character, perhaps she’ll almost be a guiding spirit in the creation of this character.” 

Kudos to Lemire for paying homage to the real Native heroine Shannen Koostachin.

“This project tells them we’re just as important as Superman, Clark Kent, Batman and all these people. That’s something I want [my kids] to share with friends.”~ Nathan Cheechoo~Cree musician and comic fan.


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Never Alone- Abuse Awareness & Support.

Never Alone- Abuse Awareness & Support.


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A battered woman holds on till she can‘t hold on no more in hopes that there‘s still a her that will be able to hold.

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~Anita Bullock~Ohlone Tribe of California 

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