About Talking Feather and Indian Tribes

Osiyo.  Talking Feather  is an educational website for  teaching both historical and  current information about Native American Indians located in the U.S. and  Canada.

Talking Feather: Mission Statement

Talking Feather seeks out and shares the positive and beautiful aspects of American and  Aboriginal Indian cultures. Through lesson plans, educational activities, and current blog updates, we  hope to enlighten people (both non-Indian and Indian) who have little or misguided information about Indians in general. Our goal at Talking Feather  is to help correct some of the misconceptions about American Indians, and instead highlight the educational progress, positive life styles, and giving nature of  both Native and non-Native people  of all cultures. Our mission is to Engage, Educate, and Empower!

Dedicated to the memory of Minerva Q. nee Poitra a member of the Eastern Band of Cherokees.