There are  a number of people to thank  for their encouragement and support of the Talking-Feather site:

Professor Steven J. Molinsky (Graduate TESOL Program at Boston University) Your guidance in the original work was priceless — much appreciation and thanks.

Professor Marnie Reed (Graduate TESOL Program; Applied Linguistics Program at  Boston University)Thanks.

Professor Kenneth Hale (August 15, 1934 – October 8, 2001) Linguistics Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) An extraordinary linguist… and a great inspiration to all Native Indians. “Wado”  and Blessings.2

Lee Sultzman – Your in-depth knowledge of Indian histories was very much appreciated.

Chuck Houpt – Thanks for keeping so much great  “stuff” stored in your head!.

LJ Perspectives- L. J.,  Couldn’t have traveled this path without your love and support  from the start!-Many Blessings (y amor).

Kb- Forever thanks…

Acknowledgement of  several of the programs and sites that have provided both support and useful information:

WordPress –  This program was used to create this site — very helpful program.

Wikipedia – Thanks to all of the contributors.

Any omissions are inadvertent, and anyone who feels that they should be acknowledged should contact us.