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Home Provides pointers to the complete lesson plans with Answer keys and articles from previous Talking Feather posts.

Current Post Provides a weekly update of the latest news articles featuring information on contemporary and historical issues about American Indians.The sources are current Indian newspapers, books, and original writings by American Indians.

Lesson Plans Provides complete Lesson plans with answer Keys for the Apache, Blackfeet, Cherokee, Choctaw, Crow, Iroquois, Kwakiutl, Mohawk (read about the fascinating Sky Walkers) Navajo, Shawnee, Sioux , Zuni.

Each lesson plan provides both  historical and cultural information.  In addition, numerous exercises are presented covering all of the material, including tasks for reading, group or class discussions, writing and research.

Native Art  Provides origninal  material provided  by American Indians from the past and present.

The Legend of  the Talking Feather Read the true story of how it all began.

WALK IN BEAUTY Prayer from the Navajo Feel the peace and Blessings from reading this wonderful prayer.

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