Jaque Fragua: Good Guy with Street Skills!

Osiyo. We’re proud to present another great person, Jaque Fragua, originally from the Jemez Pueblo. Jaques is known for his wonderful graffiti artwork and  his colorful murals. In addition to this, he has helped young children with art lessons and has given them good advice. In May, Jaque went to Pawhuska, Oklahoma, to collaborate on a massive mural on the side of the Osage Nation Language Building. He’s too good to miss!

Excerpt: Street Artist Jaque Fragua Helps Osage Youth Create Mural in Pawhuska, by ICTMN Staff

Jaque fragua live painting Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian. Click photo to see his video.


The finished mural of a straight dancer-Osage Nation Language Center.

“Fragua, who is based in Albuquerque but lives a somewhat itinerant existence, was called in to aid NVision, the youth arts and culture program founded by Osage designer/entrepreneur Ryan Red Corn. “Ryan and I had never collaborated before,” says Fragua, “but he was in Albuquerque last year and saw some of my work in a street art show, as well as a large mural I had done. We had been communicating ever since; he’s been trying to get a mural in Pawhuska for a few years, and finally got the Osage Language Department to let him put one on the side of their building. Extremely prolific, Fragua has left his mark on urban environments all over North America—sometimes in accordance with the law, other times not…

He’d spent much of April preparing “Vision Quest, a joint multimedia show with the Dine pop artist Ryan Singer that opened at FireGod Gallery in Albuquerque on March 29, coincident with the Gathering of Nations Powwow… Fragua also ended up teaching the kids some lessons about his own vision. “I was teaching them the philosophy of art, and my definition maybe speaks to them more than what they would get in the classroom,” he says. “I work with modern materials, and what I create is a little different from some people’s preconceived ideas about Native art.”… Keep up with his travels and art at his blog, fragua.tumblr.com

Youth helped artists at NVision. photo: S. Shaw/Osage News

Partial Image of Ryan’s new painting “Tuba City”debuting at the Santa Fe Indian Market. Click for larger image.

Jaque Fragua from his website video

Fragua and his brother  “show their  dance skills”on the Rez

Credit: Fun in the Sun: ICTMN Staff [Video]-photos: Jaque Fragua

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