Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans for Indian Tribes

Note To Teachers:

The primary goal of these lessons is to raise students’ awareness of the American Indian people living in the United States today, and to view them as an integral part of American society. My hope is that students will see the American Indians of this country as workers, students, professionals, parents, and leaders of their communities.

Language Skills and Activities: Although the majority of the exercises are suggested for group work, students can complete the activities independently or as homework assignments. At the following class meeting, their responses can be used as the basis for group discussions.

The target language skills are primarily reading and speaking, however, tasks for writing, and research activities are also included. Although the reading level is high-intermediate to advanced, teachers can modify the material as needed for their level of learners. The exercises and the reading material for each tribe varies in length, and each has a tribal Myth included. NOTE: There are now Teachers’ Guides and Answer Keys for the tribes.  In addition photos of animals for those myths that discuss them are included.

Eastman-Biographical Essays are biographies of famous American Indian Chiefs from the Sioux tribes, and wonderful stories about their lives.