Meet 12-Year-old Navajo Lead Actor in Nemo Há’dèístíí/ Finding Nemo

“Twelve-year-old Quinton Kien is not exactly your typical Hollywood actor but he blew this one out of the water. As the voice of the title character in the Navajo version of Disney Pixar’s Finding Nemo, Kien made quite an impression on his grandmother Julia Hildreth.” Donovan Quintero, Navajo Times

Quinton Kien is helping Disney-Pixar create a Navajo language version

Quinton Kien is helping Disney-Pixar create a Navajo language version

Excerpt:   12-year-old shines in new Navajo-dubbed Pixar film, Donovan Quintero, Navajo Times

“Nizhoní, said Hildreth, of Steamboat, Ariz., at the premiere on Monday night in Albuquerque at the Century Rio 24 theaters. Kien played the voice of “Nemo” in this latest installment where the Navajo Nation Museum collaborated with Hollywood executives to dub the movie in Navajo. The first film to be dubbed in Navajo, Star Wars, was done in 2013.

Actor Quinton Kien.

Actor Quinton Kien.

This project was different from Star Wars, said Navajo Nation Museum Director Manuel Wheeler. There was a lot of dialogue and emotion aimed towards children and that was what we were looking for. With the way it was received on Monday, Wheeler said the first screening went beautifully. The audience seemed to react to it.”

Nemo Há’dèístíí/ Finding Nemo is now on DVD

If you think this trailer is awesome, wait till you see the whole movie!! The Nemo Há’déést’įį’ DVD’s are coming!! Pre-order at or come to the Navajo Nation Museum in Window Rock, AZ on TUESDAY APRIL 26 at 8AM to purchase your copy!!  For more info call  NNM at 928.871.7941.

Navajo Museum

 “ Nemo Há’déést’íí” : With some elders in the audience, I think the benefits of making this movie is they can watch this with their grandchildren,.” ~Manuel Wheeler.~Navajo Nation Museum Director 

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