Minecraft Virtual Game Now Has An Indigenous World!

Students enter the virtual world of Manito Ahbee Aki meaning ‘the place where the Creator sits’ to learn and explore Manitoba’s Anishinaabe community.” D. Stranger, ICT

Minecraft’s Manito Ahbee Aki Image- News Microsift.com

Excerpt: Minecraft’s Indigenous world By Darrell Stranger ICT

“For most kids, Minecraft is a game they play to unwind after school, but thanks to a new program at the Louis Riel School Division (LRSD), kids can now play it during school hours. The LRSD in Winnipeg, is using the game Minecraft to teach students about Manitoba Anishinaabe culture. It’s a first of its kind education tool using an educational version of the game.The program was made thanks to a partnership between Microsoft Canada, Minecraft: Education Edition and LRSD. Students learn teachings about tobacco, navigating directions using the sun moon and stars, and eventually take a canoe ride to where they set up a community and take part in a bison hunt.

Travel back in time to experience Anishinaabe culture, community and teachings before European contact in North America. Explore three distinct lessons with your students to help them understand the Anishinaabe Worldview through teachings from Knowledge Keepers. Explore the Forks, Manito Ahbee (the Petroforms), and participate in a Bison hunt! 

‘It has been really fun for me, I’ve played Minecraft my whole life and it’s fun to test something new and something exciting that they can develop into the game. It was really interesting to learn about all their teachings and things I didn’t know before,’ said Grade 6 student Colin Ciecko from Highbury School in Winnipeg.

‘My favorite part is just being able to run around and be guided through what life was like for the Anishinaabe people.’

Creating the game took 14 months of development with stakeholders located in Canada, the United States and Australia.”

Learn more and download the world:https://aka.ms/manitoahbeeakiblog

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