Minneapolis March for Slain Boarding School Children

“On Friday, hundreds of people marched in solidarity as part of the boarding school survivor and victim memorial event in Minneapolis. Crowds marched through Southside neighborhoods to raise awareness of the legacy of boarding schools that is still felt in the American Indian community today.”  D. Thompson, September 25, 202

Participants hold signs in the Boarding School Survivor and Victim Memorial March in Minneapolis on Friday, September 24, 2021. (Photo/Darren Thompson for Native News Online.)

Excerpt: In Minneapolis, a March for Boarding School Victims and Survivors, By  Darren Thompson, September 25, 202

“The march was organized by the Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center and sponsored by the Minneapolis American Indian Center, Tiwahe Foundation, Ain Dah Yung, the Lower Phalen Creek Project, and other American Indian community organizations in the Twin Cities area…Prior to the march, crowds met in the Little Earth neighborhood on Minneapolis’s Southside and listened to speakers share their experiences attending boarding school.”

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