Natives giving “Thanks” on Thanksgiving…Maybe

“All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey… actually the foliage is awash with color but it is time for the annoying trilogy of holidaze that vex us as Natives. Ah yes, ‘tis the season of Columbus Day, Halloween and the American Thanksgiving. This trifecta of annoying events makes me SMH in befuddlement at the ignorance, crass behavior and borderline bigotry of those that continue the misanthropic adherence to the myths, rituals and customs of these celebrations.” A. Cramblit, ICTMN

Excerpt: Holiday Head Scratchers for Natives  By Andre Cramblit ICTMN

“Thanksgiving is full of romanticized notions of two peoples coming together to share in the bounty of the harvest. Sitting around a ravaged turkey carcass singing kum ba yah was definitely not the origins of this seasonal football

Massachusetts Bay Colonial Governor William Winthrop proclaimed the first official Day of Thanksgiving in 1637. The reason for this celebration? The festivities were held to mark the recent success of the Pequot massacre. Apparently the Gov’nah felt the need to commemorate the slaughter of nearly 700 men, women and children. Serve that with a slice of pumpkin pie, (I like extra dream whip on my piece).


This is indeed as good a time as any to show gratitude for having lived another year and that hopefully you are surrounded by loved ones and are in good health… As you pass through each day, give thanks to your ancestors for their courage and perseverance; know that wherever you are the soil under your feet is the land of some Tribe and is sacred, and remember that you are a role model. Save the drumstick for me please.


“As Native people we are encouraged to be thankful, to be mindful of the good in the world… Give thanks to Creation for giving us the food and natural environment we need to sustain ourselves.”  ~ Andre Cramblit~  A Karuk Tribal Member from the Klamath and Salmon rivers in northwest California

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