Natives Need More Training and Control over Digital Tech

“Companies supplying indigenous people with services should have a cultural protocol to clarify who are the custodians of their data.Digital tech can damage indigenous culture by revealing sacred sites or rituals…indigenous people need better rights to access and destroy sensitive data.” M. Jade, Scidev



Excerpt: Indigenous people need control over digital tech By Mikaela Jade

Indigenous people need more support to become tech-savvy and deal with the threats digital technology can pose to their culture, a conference has heard.

Digital technologies such as smartphones and drones can bring problems as well as advantages to indigenous communities an expert panel said at the World Conservation Congress. Without in-depth knowledge of the scope of such technology, indigenous people may allow themselves to be misrepresented and their knowledge to get exploited, they said.

One issue is the struggle to keep sacred sites a secret in a world where posting photos and publishing blogs can reveal their locations…The panel, which took place on [the] 5, of  September in Honolulu, Hawaii, acknowledged that digital technology can enable indigenous communities to claim rights over land and better preserve traditions. Having access to GPS mapping, social media platforms and other communication tools is also crucial, to make their voices more prominent in global discussions, the panelists agreed.”

“The best way forward is for communities and digital companies to work together.”-Roberto Borreo, a consultant at the International Indian Treaty Council

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