Reasons Natives Need To Vote For Hillary Clinton and Democratic Party

“What does a landslide look like? And, more important, what would that mean for Native American candidates? First: Hillary Clinton is peaking at the ideal moment. And, at the same time, Donald Trump’s campaign is imploding. He had a bad week, a poor debate, and he’s out of time to change the conversation.” M. Trahant-ICTMN



Excerpt: A Landslide? That Would Be Great News for Native Americans By Mark Trahant

“But more important than all of that…people on the ground methodically reminding people to vote…According to CNN, working with a data company, Calalist, says more than 3.3 million Americans have already voted. And based on demographic profiles, Democrats are stronger now than they were four years ago in North Carolina, Nevada, Arizona and Utah. Democratic early turnout has stayed steady in North Carolina compared to 2012, while Republicans have dropped by about 14,500.hillary-3

And, in North Dakota, there have been 67,837 requests for ballots and 25,662 people have already voted (including me.) Denise Juneau, Chase Iron Eyes, Marlo Hunte-Beaubrun, Ruth Buffalo, Henry Red Cloud, Tom Cole, Mark Wayne Mullin, Joe Pakootas… are running on the Democratic-NPL ticket. Back to my lede: What would a landslide mean for the Native American candidates?… a presidential landslide could be a factor.” 



“VOTE Like Your Right to vote Depends on it.” ~Anonymous~election-2016


“Our Lives Begin to End The Day We become SILENT about Things that Matter.” ~Martin Luther King Jr.~

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