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The Pueblo Indian Rebellion 340 years ago is Resonating in 2020 Protests

“Indigenous groups in the Southwest are imbuing their activism this year with commemorations of the 340-year-old Pueblo Revolt, one of Spain’s bloodiest defeats in its colonial empire.” S. Romero, The New York Times

Credit- Pueblo Action Alliance


Excerpt: Why New Mexico’s 1680 Pueblo Revolt Is Echoing in 2020 Protests, By Simon Romero, The New York Times

“While protests over police violence against African-Americans spread from one city to the next in the aftermath of George Floyd’s killing in May, the missive scrawled in red paint on the New Mexico History Museum reached further back in time: ‘1680 Land Back.’

The graffiti invoked another rebellious juncture in what is now the United States: the uprising in 1680 when Pueblo Indians handed Spain one of its bloodiest defeats anywhere in its vast colonial empire. From the protests in the late spring against New Mexico’s conquistador monuments to the writing last month emblazoning the walls of Santa Fe and Taos celebrating the Pueblo Revolt, the meticulously orchestrated rebellion that exploded 340 years ago is resonating once again…Indigenous groups are referring to the Pueblo Revolt in organizing drives over such issues as stolen lands, the Justice Department’s deployment of federal agents to Albuquerque and the Trump administration’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, which has hit Native peoples especially hard.

‘The Pueblo Revolt was the most successful Indian revolution in what is now the United States, ‘said Porter Swentzell, a historian from Santa Clara Pueblo, one of New Mexico’s 23 tribal nations. ‘Twenty twenty is energizing this upsurge of activism inspired by the revolt that was building for years.’

The Pueblo Action Alliance mounted a campaign on social media that proposed replacing statues of Spanish conquistadors with Popé sculptures.

Statue of Po’pay by Cliff Fragua in the National Statuary Hall, a chamber in the United States Capitol

‘They were able to oust our colonizers by unifying and that’s basically what’s happening today,’ said Ms. Teba, 27, a member of the Native liberation group the Red Nation. ‘We have multiple tribes coming together to get rid of statues celebrating our genocide.’

Pueblo Action Alliance

Even after a semblance of calm returned to New Mexico, the revolt left an imprint. After the United States conquered New Mexico in the 1840s, the Pueblos preserved much of their hard-won autonomy, in contrast to other Indigenous peoples who were removed from their lands.”

Covid-19 Help for Pueblos – Courtesy Indianz,com

Indian Country’s Updated COVID-19 Syllabus

Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden as he hugs his wife Jill Biden after Winning the first presidential debate in Cleveland.(Win McNamee:Getty Images)

Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden and his wife Jill Biden greet the audience after [winning] the first presidential debate in Cleveland.(Scott Olson:Getty Images)

Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s thoughts on the first presidential debate:

During a campaign stop Wednesday at a train station in Alliance, Ohio, Democratic nominee Joe Biden said he would continue to participate in the debates, telling reporters that he is looking forward to them.

“I just hope there’s a way in which the debate commission can control the ability of us to answer the question without interruption,” Biden said.

The former vice president said it would make sense for the moderator to switch off Trump’s microphone during Biden’s turn and vice versa, providing each candidate with two minutes of uninterrupted speaking time.

Important Information on Voting 2020

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