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The University of Oregon will cover tuition and fees for All Native Students!

“The University of Oregon celebrated National Indigenous Peoples Day by announcing a new program that will cover tuition and fees for Indigenous tribal members residing in Oregon.” A. Elassar, CNN, Sun October 16, 2022

Indigenous Peoples’ Day celebration at the University of Oregon honoring tribal communities and sharing their history and traditions. Courtesy Katie Staton

Excerpt: The University of Oregon will cover tuition and fees for in-state Indigenous students from any federally recognized tribe By Alaa Elassar, CNN,  Sun October 16, 2022

“The Home Flight Scholars Program was launched Monday and will immediately allow the estimated 150 to 175 eligible self-identified American Indian/Alaska Native undergraduate students on campus to receive financial assistance.

‘The Home Flight Scholars Program tackles the unique challenges these students face and prepares them to graduate with an education and the experience that empowers them to return home and make a positive impact in their communities and for their families,’ said the school’s interim president Patrick Phillips in a news release.

The goal of the program, according to the university, is to combat the three biggest issues Indigenous students face: financial issues, academic difficulties, and the struggle to connect with their culture…The program was created in consultation with the university’s Native American Advisory Council and is made possible by federal, state, and institutional grants, according to the university.

Along with financial assistance, the initiative also created a new American Indian/Alaska Native Academic Adviser position and will provide a variety of services, from mentorship and counseling to tribal jobs and future graduate study opportunities.”


Students can apply for the Home Flight Scholars program beginning October 17, 2022.  HOME FLIGHT SCHOLARS PROGRAM

The state’s university system also implements its own grant program – the Oregon Tribal Student Grant – which covers tuition, housing, books, and other educational casts for Indigenous students who are enrolled members of one of Oregon’s nine federally recognized tribes.