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Several Important Messages for Our Native Families This Year🎄♥️🎄🌟

 ‘Navajo in the City’ is an informative, wonderful and cool site! Be sure to visit 🎄🌟

FROM:  Navajo in the City   Jinii Newz Channel 00

Re: Dr. Ruby; Rez Vet ♥️🐕‍🦺🐾 [DEC 2022]

LINK TO GO FUND ME FOR DR. RUBY  [December 5, 2022]


More Information about Rez Dogs

APTN to launch 24-hour rez dog channel!

A ground-breaking new channel will feature uninterrupted video of rez dogs, 24-hours a day, in their daily lives, the Aboriginal People’s Television Network (APTN) announced on Thursday. Walking Eagle News, ~2018~2022


My first Rez Dog, Page, defined the term with honor and grace. Steven Sable, Rez Dawg Rescue


What Is A Rez Dog? by Steven Sable

“Malian loves spending time with her grandparents at their home on a Wabanaki reservation—she’s there for a visit when, suddenly, all travel shuts down. There’s a new virus making people sick, and Malian will have to stay with her grandparents for the duration.Everyone is worried about the pandemic, but Malian knows how to keep her family safe: She protects her grandparents, and they protect her. She doesn’t go out to play with friends, she helps her grandparents use video chat, and she listens to and learns from their stories. And when Malsum, one of the dogs living on the rez, shows up at their door, Malian’s family knows that he’ll protect them too.” Beautiful book by Joseph Bruchac





“The Albuquerque FBI Division on October 14, 2022, released an updated list of missing Indigenous persons in New Mexico and the Navajo Nation.The list, current as of October 11, has 192 names on it.The latest list reflects the addition of 27 names and the removal of 18 since the previous list was released in September…” ICT, Oct 17,2022









Seminole Greeting Card


Navajo Rez Dog Rescuer Up for $50,000 award!

“Growing up in Salt Lake City, Darrell McCurtain always looked forward to visiting his relatives in Salina Springs and Rough Rock, Arizona … except for the dogs. With their mismatched ears, multi-colored coats and legs that were either too short or too long, the rez mutts were fantastical creatures to McCurtain, who was used to seeing the purebred dogs in the city.” C. Yurth, The Navajo Times

Darrell, a Navajo tribe member himself, works to improve the conditions for pets on the reservations by working with the Navajo Nation, Ute Ouray Nation, Ute Mountain Nation. YouTube

Excerpt: Rez dog rescuer up for international ‘Unsung Hero’ award By Cindy Yurth, Navajo Times

“But so many of them were bony, limping, or worse — dead alongside the highway — that the young McCurtain would sometimes leave his ancestral homeland feeling depressed. McCurtain’s love of animals persisted into adulthood, and he found himself volunteering at Nuzzles & Co., a beautiful “rescue ranch” in Park City, Utah. Eventually he worked his way into a job as the shelter’s director of intake and community outreach. Nuzzles did a good job of pulling pets from nearby kill shelters, rehabilitating them and finding them forever homes

But McCurtain’s thoughts often wandered back to the reservation, where the shelters euthanized many more dogs than they saved and people often let animals out in the desert when they couldn’t afford to care for them. In 2014, McCurtain talked his bosses into making a rescue trip down to the Navajo Nation…’They were surprised at the need on the rez,’ he recalled.

Darrell and a rescue

McCurtain also wasn’t above using his status as a tribal member to make some connections and get Nuzzles into places the average tourist never sees…The rescue now visits the reservation once a month, and usually the Ute Mountain Ute animal shelter in Towoac, Colorado, as well, and fills up its van for the eight-hour drive back to the rescue ranch. If the crew sees a dog in critical need on the street, they’ll pick it up, but in deference to Navajo Nation law, they’ll usually pull from existing rescues on the reservation…Once at the ranch, they’re vaccinated, fixed, treated for fleas, ticks and parasites, and learn how to walk on a leash and be around people and other dogs before being adopted out…While on the rez, McCurtain talks to as many people as he can about the necessity of getting their animals vaccinated and spayed or neutered.

Generally, rescue is pretty thankless work. So McCurtain was surprised when, on one of his missions to the reservation,he [found out that ] he was one of five nominees internationally for Petco Foundation’s Unsung Hero award [and] the final winner would receive $50,000 for their organization… McCurtain said if he wins and Nuzzles is awarded $50,000, he’d like to put it all toward the rez dogs.”

To Vote (or adopt a pet) visit NUZZLES & CO.


Don’t Forget:

Democratic President Elect Joe Biden 2020

“When I announced my campaign one year ago today, I said we were in a battle for the soul of the nation.  One year later, that is as true as it has ever been. I believe we can and we will emerge from this crisis a stronger, better, and fairer nation. Together, as one America.”

~Democratic Presidential Leader Joe Biden~

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