The Boxing Champions: Pride of Their Nations

O’siyo. The Apache Gold Casino Resort in San Carlos, Arizona recently held its Native American Amateur Boxing Championships. The event was a three-day affair from July 5-7. The ultimate goal of these tournaments is to create a Native American Boxing team to compete in the 2016 Olympic games.

Native American Boxing Championships. Photo- ICT

Excerpt: Inside the Native American Amateur Boxing Championships By Tish Leizens, ICT

“Twenty-eight fighters from 11 different tribes won in the three-day 2012 Native American Amateur Boxing Championships event held at the Apache Gold Casino Resort in San Carlos, Arizona on July 5-7. The champions, male and female, from ages 8 to 34, competed in specific weight classes and five divisions, including senior, junior Olympic, intermediate, junior and bantam. The winners brought pride to the tribes of Navajo, San Carlos Apache, Chicakasaw/Cherokee, Chippewa/Cherokee, Assiniboine Sioux, Pima, Gila River, Acoma Pueblo, Blood Tribe (Canada), Choctow/Cherokee and Ute… The tournament was a significant first step to producing a national Native American team to tour and compete at an international level and at the Pan Am Games, with the ultimate goal of training world-class boxers in time for the 2016 Olympic games. Marvin Clifford, Sr., director of the Native American Boxing Council (NABC), said the Championships dated back to the late 1990s, with the last tournament held in 2004… Promoting amateur boxing as a safe sport and a huge benefit to the health and wellness of Native American youth are also among the goals of NABC. We want to encourage kids to be successful outside of the ring… emphasizing that health and boxing go together.” Read the article in its entirety to see the names of the individual winners for each tribe.

I just want to be an example to the people in my reservation that you can do anything you put your mind to…Let the kids know education is so important; it’s how I found boxing, you know? Just be a living example that anything is possible.” ~Mioshia- Yosh- Wagoner~
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