The Most Offensive Logo? Try Whitesboro, New York

“Hold up, is that a pioneer choking a Native American to death?”: ‘The Daily Show’ causes a major ‘oops’ with the Whitesboro official seal…if you’re going to have a racist seal, why not have it here, in the deep south … of upstate New York.” S. Burris, Salon

Seal of Whitesboro.

Seal of Whitesboro.

Excerpt: The Daily Show…Sarah Burris, Salon

“Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams sat down with activists from the Lenape First Nations tribe to talk about the offensive city seal of Whitesboro, New York.

Williams couldn’t believe that anything could ever be more offensive than the Redskins logo, until she saw the seal which features a white pioneer choking a Native American to death.

Whitesboro’s Mayor Patrick J. O’Connor aka ‘Whitey McWhiterson,’ however, says that the seal is absolutely not racist. Oh, thank God, because it looks like that white man was totally choking this American Indian man to death, she [Williams] told the mayor.

Mayor O’Connor claimed that the seal depicts our founder, Hough White… who was engaged in a friendly wrestling match… he did not choke [the Native American].

UPDATE (A week later)

Whitesboro told The Daily Show this week that it’s changing the seal after all.  Gizmodo

The Daily Show aired a segment about the racist town seal in Whitesboro, New York…The Whitesboro mayor called Williams (Daily Show correspondent) yesterday morning to tell her that the town would change the seal. No word on what the new one will be. Hopefully, it won’t be so racist.”

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