The Zuni Pueblo Main Street Festival Coming in May!

“Dowa Yalanne Mesa also referred to as “Corn Mesa” is a sacred site that overlooks Zuni Pueblo and has been a place of necessary refuge for the Zuni People since time immemorial.It sits rather off the beaten track. There are no glitzy casinos to attract folks. It’s not near any big population center. But Zuni Pueblo is doing what it can to highlight what it has, and much of that will be on display May 6-7 for the Zuni Pueblo MainStreet Festival.” G. Rosales, AlbuquerqueJournal

Dowa Yalanne Mesa

“The fifth annual fair is a celebration of our local businesses and local artists, giving appreciation for everything they do collaboratively to sustain our local economy, said Wells Mahkee Jr., Zuni Pueblo MainStreet manager. ‘We’re celebrating our community and culture.’It’s a celebration open to all comers and includes such entertainment as a carnival with rides and games, and a showcase of the many artisans from the pueblo.

‘We’re going to have an arts market with the local vendors set up and local arts and crafts,’ Mahkee said. ‘We’ll have a wide variety of artists that will have their arts and crafts for sale so you can buy directly from the artist. You know what you’re getting. You’ll be getting quality work, and you get to meet the artists, which is something not many communities can say.’ One of the big highlights of Saturday’s event will be traditional Zuni dances, he said.

Native Zuni dances.

‘They’ll be social dances, and I know one group will be doing the buffalo dance, the corn dance, the turkey dance and the butterfly dance,’  Mahkee said.

Then there will be what is sure to be a crowd favorite as the local Head Start program will do a series of dances, he said.

Several art competitions also will be on tap, with a juried show in which five judges will be rating the artwork in categories from jewelry, paintings, textile, pottery and carvings, with the work on display throughout the weekend.

And in another competition, artists will be challenged to stretch their creativity by using recycled material provided by the Zuni Environmental Program.”

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